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Obama stresses importance of values

Barack Obama stressed the importance of values and shared many of the principles that served him during his political career at a human resources conference in San Diego.

Speaking to an audience of more than 11,000 delegates at the Association for Talent Development Conference, the former US president also told of how leaders can benefit from seeking input from those much lower down the chain of command.


It helps if others believe in you

The expectations of others can be a powerful force in driving success, according Ronan Tynan, a Paralympic multiple gold medallist, medical doctor, tenor and motivational speaker.


Making stress work for you 

Stress can be good for us — if we adopt a positive attitude towards it.

That is the view of Kelly McGonigal, health psychologist, management lecturer and award-winning author, who was speaking at a major human resources conference in Atlanta.


Challenge a key motivator – astronaut twins

Identical twins who both became Nasa astronauts spoke of the importance of challenge as a motivator at a major human resources conference in Atlanta. Mark and Scott Kelly shared their experiences that helped shaped their views on teamwork and leadership, how they overcame adversities and how they dealt with tragedy at the Association for Talent Development’s international conference.


Our body language can empower us

From our posture to our gestures, our body language can empower us in the workplace.

That was the message from Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard University, whose TED talk on body language has chalked up 32 million views.


Performance management – not appraisal

Many years ago performance appraisal evolved into performance management. Whereas performance appraisal was often a one-time-a-year phenomenon consisting merely of a meeting at the end of the year, performance management is a 12-month cycle. It consists of performance planning, performance monitoring and performance reviewing.


Tips on management from three of the best

A Hall of Fame US university basketball coach, a management guru and a surgeon who is also a TV host shared their tips on getting the best out of people at leading human resources event in Las Vegas.

Don’t give up and keep trying until you succeed

The Society for Human Resource Management held its 65th Annual Conference & Exposition at the McCormack Place Convention Centre in Chicago from June 16 to 19, 2013.



The Bottom Line honours Bermuda’s leading employers

Acardi took top honours at the awards ceremony last evening for The Bottom Line’s 2012 Top 10 Employers in Bermuda survey.


360° Feedback

The name comes from a circle. There are 360 degrees in a circle.


Performance management systems

Performance appraisal has been around for a very long time.


Mayo native Paul Loftus named Grand Marshal of Montreal parade

Paul Loftus, native of Ballina in Mayo, has been named the Grand Marshal for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Montreal, Canada. 2012 marks the city’s 187th celebration of St. Patrick’s Day…


Leadership styles: which works best for you?

There are now numerous ideas and theories about leadership. It is currently the most prominent area of management. Originally we just heard of one theory. A leader was either democratic (participative), autocratic (authoritarian: “my way or the…


What business can learn from rugby about teamwork

The motivation to write this article came from attending a lunchtime talk in Toronto on Friday, August 5, in PJ O’Brien’s Pub. The event was organized by the Toronto Chapter of the Ireland-Canada Chamber of Commerce and the guest…


Conflict is a fact of life in the workplace

Conflict has been around since the beginning of time. It is also pervasive. We have to deal with it in our work, family and social lives. We have to contend with it from childhood to old age. We know it is inevitable, and it doesn’t just…


Mistakes managers make

One of the many tasks participants perform in a management skills seminar I conduct is detailing the mistakes or errors they’ve detected while working for managers over the years. They do this individually at first and then in teams. This…


How to get the most from your meetings

A staggering 90 percent of people who attend meetings believe that half of their time spent in them is wasted.


Assertiveness pays at work

Assertiveness is fast becoming one the most important methods of communication in this ever-changing and tough economic climate.


Top ten employers honoured

Ten of Bermuda’s top employers came together last week to celebrate their selection to The Bottom Line magazine’s Top Ten Employers That Stand Out In Bermuda survey. Butterfield and Vallis, BF&M, Ariel Re, Belco, Hiscox Bermuda, Fairmont Hamilton…


Making the most of training is now more crucial than ever

The importance of making the most of training opportunities during the recession has been highlighted by an expert on the issue.


Make better use of time in your busy day

Business managers and executives may be able to make more of their time with the help of a new book written by Bermuda Insurance Institute lecturer Paul Loftus.


Seminar to focus on employee appraisals

The importance of carrying out a successful performance appraisal will be the focus for a seminar held at the Bermuda Insurance Institute next month.


BII seminar to focus on getting more out of less

Producing more with less resources during these tough economic crisis will be the focus for a seminar held at the Bermuda Insurance Institute (BII) next week.


Team-building focus for BII talk

Building a high performance team will be the focus for a seminar held at the Bermuda Insurance Institute later this week.


Tips on stress management

Stress management is one of the key components to having a healthy and effective workforce. That is according to Paul Loftus, a Montreal-based industrial/organisational psychologist, who will be giving a seminar on the very topic at the Bermuda…


Management guru to tackle stress and motivational issues

Assertiveness, stress management and motivation are all key qualities needed to today’s tough and challenging marketplace.


Effective meetings and powerful teams the subject for BII seminar

Conducting effective meetings and building high performance teams will be the focus for a series of seminars held at the Bermuda Insurance Institute (BII) this month.


Improving vital “soft skills” in the modern workplace

Industrial psychologist Paul Loftus intends to impart valuable knowledge and training for company secretaries and administrative assistants when he brings three seminars to Bermuda in September aimed at helping companies improve important “soft…


Employee no-shows can harm the workplace

Poor management or supervision in the workplace can lead to poor productivity and absenteeism in the workplace, according to industrialist psychologist Paul Loftus.


Administrators hold meeting

The Bermuda Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals held its annual seminar yesterday with industrial psychologist Paul Loftus paving the way for members to manage change more effectively, reach peak performance and…


Learning how to manage your boss

Want to know how to “manage your boss”?That is just one of the topics up for discussion in a seminar – being held by the Bermuda Employers Council – at the end of the month.


Performance management – more than a one-off talk

According to Paul Loftus – a management consultant currently on the Island to lead two Bermuda Employers Council (BEC) seminars – performance management is an on-going process and should be much more than an annual employee evaluation.


Time to take stock — of time

improvements do not appear to make people more productive, according to leading management consultant, Paul Loftus.


Some of Paul Loftus’ quick-fix time-saving measures

office and call them five minutes before they are due to leave. They will get to the point much more quickly.