Public Seminars


Paul Loftus will be conducting the following  public seminars for 2016:




Chartered Professional Accountants Bermuda


March 1, 2016: Performance Management/Appraisal

March 23, 2016: Time, Priority and Productivity Management for Managers

March 24, 2016: Assertiveness for Managers

December 6, 2016: Managing Diversity

December 7, 2016: Building High Performance Teams

December 8, 2016: Stress Management


For registration, please contact Gail Raynor:   (292-7479)







Singapore Institute of Management


November 21-22, 2016: Management Skills for Senior and Executive Administrative Assistants

November 23-24, 2016: Cross-Cultural Global Business Skills









Chartered Professional Accountants Bermuda


October 13, 2015: Stress Management

October 14, 2015: Conflict Resolution

October 15. 2015: Dealing with Difficult People




Singapore Institute of Management

November 25-26, 2015: Management Skills for Senior and Executive Administrative Assistants


November 27-28, 2015: Cross-Cultural Global Business Skills



United States


Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce


October 8, 2015: Conflict Resolution

October 22, 2015: Reducing Absenteeism

November 20, 2015: The Integrity Intensive for Today’s Leaders

December 10, 2015: Employee Retention











In-Company Seminars


The following are the in-company seminars that Paul Loftus will conduct:



March 2, 2016: Managing Diversity

March 3, 2016: Coaching & Mentoring

October 4, 2016: Managing Diversity

October 5, 2016: Mentoring & Coaching






July 2014: Intercultural Seminar-Canada (in-house seminars)

September 2014: Effective Meetings, Managing Potential

December 2014: Time Management



July 2014: Intercultural Seminar-Canada (in-house seminar)



Welcome to Paul Loftus and Associates Inc.

My next seminars in Singapore i.e. Management Skills for Adm and Cross Cultural Global Business Skills will be held on November 25-28, 2014. These seminars are public seminars, run by SIM (Singapore Institute of Management)


The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is a leading provider of higher education and professional training in Singapore. It was founded in 1964 as a not-for-profit management institute, a spin off of the Economic Development Board. SIM accomplishes its mission of education and lifelong learning through three distinct educational arms, each catering to a specific market segment of learners.
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Seminar news

Intercultural seminars are being conducted throughout Summer 2013. The clients include:

  • Rio Tinto
  • Pfizer
  • Cargill
  • Merck